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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How comfortable should I feel when cleaners are in my house and how much trust should I give them?

There are different categories of people. Some people are comfortable with having strangers in their home while some others are very meticulous about who they let into their homes. Because of these different categories of people, it has become a bone of contention whether or not to be comfortable when cleaners are in their homes cleaning. For some others, they prefer not to hire cleaners at all to avoid the stress of having to watch the cleaners when they are at their job. However, cleaners are specialized in cleaning. It’s what they do they are professionally trained to offer nothing but cleaning services.  Therefore, they should be no need to panic when they are at your house. You should feel free. If however you are not still convinced, there is no harm in keeping an eye on them from a distance. Be mindful however not to get in the way of their job so they don’t feel uncomfortable.

3. How long does it take a professional cleaner to clean?

It doesn’t take the same time it takes to drive a distance of one mile to drive a distance of three miles. The time taken to drive three miles will obviously be greater than the time taken to drive the distance of one mile. Just as driving different distances do not take the same time, so also cleaning a space or home does not have a fixed cleaning time. The time a professional cleaner spends cleaning varies based on the cleaning area. The more the cleaning, the more the time used. If all that is required is just basic house cleaning without other detailed cleaning such as bathroom cleanings or window cleanings, the cleaner will get the job done more quickly. Also, the cleaner is more likely to clean quickly if he/she has other homes to clean for that day.

5. How do you convince a friend that their house needs a professional cleaning service?

You can never convince somebody to do something he/she has no guarantee/assurance of. Most people are prone to engage in an activity when they see others venturing into it and that it involves less risk. This makes the answer to this question very simple leadingby example. The easiest way to convince a friend is to ensure you yourself are using the cleaning service. When your friends see that you are using a particular cleaning service, and they are assured that the cleaners are doing a good job and have reduced the stress you have to go through they’ll obviously follow suit.

2. What's the special thing cleaners do that I can't?

There’s no possibility of being accurate at doing something better than a person who is a professional at that field. Just as you can’t draw out a building plan more than an architect neither can you supervise a building project better than a building engineer, you definitely don’t expect to clean better than a trained, professional cleaner. They are trained to clean. Obviously they’ll be better at it than you. Cleaning requires skill and training to be perfect hence cleaners clean better. They pay attention to every little detail which you are prone to overlook most of the time. Cleaners will do the following when performing a normal cleaning routine:

  • High and low-level dusting.
  • Kitchen cleaning.
  • MoppingBathroom cleaning.
  • Dusting and polishing of shelves, picture frames, etc.
  • These and many more are part of what makes the cleaning of cleaners stand out from that of a regular person. A regular person is likely busy and will just do basic cleaning whereas a cleaner will take care of every little detail.

4. Is there any special cleaning agent to consider while cleaning?

Cleaners are specialized in cleaning hence they cannot do without using cleaning products. They work with cleaning products all day long. Each individual/cleaner is different and hence different people have a preference for specific products for reasons best known to them. Their preference however can be based on a lot of reasons such as their cleaning environment or efficiency of the product. Your choice of a cleaning agent should be based on these factors for example, if there are children in your environment then it is preferable to go with natural cleaning products, etc. However, the following are important to keep in mind

  • Confidence in oneself
  • Open-minded to trying new products

There are different cleaning agents to consider for cleaning. There is however no special cleaning agent. All cleaning agents are effective you just need the right skill.

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